Thubten Norbu Ling is blessed to have the leadership of the following engaged practitioners



Alex Williams, Center Director

Alex came into contact with Buddhism a relatively short time ago, during the most recent relic tour. A Sikh before that for almost 15 years, she understands the value of a moral life, service to others and the value of a deep commitment to meditation and Calm Abiding. With a professional background in business and accounting, she hopes to bring these abilities to the service of the Dharma and the Center during this time of transitioning. 

Tina Salazar-Langley, Board President

Tina was introduced to Tibetan Buddhism while trekking & traveling in Nepal. Exploring the many temples, stupas, gompas, monasteries, and villages, the experience piqued her curiosity. On returning to Santa Fe, she found Thubten Norbu Ling, and began studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism. At the same time, she started to provide service to the center and is now assisting the center Director on a variety of projects. Tina is drawn to Langri Tampa's "Eight Verses for Training the Mind", Shantideva's A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life, chanting mantras, and an occasional cup of chai. She has a MA in Counseling.

Clare Zurawski, Director

Clare connected with FPMT Intl. in 1999 while living in Taos. Initially hooked by Venerable Robina Courtin, she was fortunate to study with Geshe Sherab and Venerable Connie Miller during the early years of the study group which has become Ksitigarbha Center. When she moved to Albuquerque in 2004, it was natural to plug into Thubten Norbu Ling. Since then, Clare has attended the Kopan November course and Light of the Path retreats with Lama Zopa Rinpoche. She has an MBA and years of experience in the non-profit sector. Clare previously served on the TNL board from 2006-2011.   

Susanna Naud, Treasurer

Susanna Naud began her studies of Tibetan Buddhism 2005 and started attending Discovering Buddhism classes at TNL in the spring of 2008. She has attended retreats with Lama Zopa Rinpoche in the US and in Mexico in addition to many local TNL retreats, led by Don Handrick, Geshe Thubten Sherab and Ven. Robina Courtin. Susanna has worked in nonprofit operations since 2006. She has an engineering degree and has studied accounting.

Nancy Savoia, Secretary

Nancy was first introduced to Zen Buddhist meditation a few years after moving to NM in 1996. She has been sitting with a small meditation group in Los Alamos for many years. In 2012, she traveled to northern India where she encountered Tibetan Buddhism in Dharamsala. Two years later, she attended a retreat in Santa Fe led by Ven Robina Courtin. It was here that she met the teachers and students of TNL in Santa Fe. She has been attending teachings with Don Handrick and Geshe Thubten Sherab since that time. Nancy is a chiropractor in Los Alamos, NM.

Craig Acorn, Director

Craig was a "student" of the dharma long before becoming an actual, disciplined student, having encountered Buddhist thought in literature back in the mid-70s.  He first found Tibetan teachings through Chogyam Trungpa in 1989 and more recently began studying the teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Thich Nat Han and Ven. Pema Chodron. Craig finally found FPMT upon moving to New Mexico in 2010 and began to attend teachings at Thubten Norbu Ling. He has attended several retreats led by Ven Robina Courtin and Geshe Sherab here and several at Vajrapani Institute. Craig is a long time lawyer for the impoverished, currently serving as a public defender in Albuquerque.

Julie Nagle, Director

Julie Nagle met the Dharma in 2005 and has been seeking more ever since. She began attending TNL in 2015 and has enjoyed the sense of community it has provided. Though still fairly new to the community she is eager to continue to learn how to do right by all sentient beings. Though originally from Michigan, Julie is now a permanent residence of Santa Fe where she lives with her wife. 

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