“What else in the world is there to do that is more important than helping others? To help ourselves, to help others, what else is more important? There’s nothing more important than serving a Dharma center."   Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Oct 2012.

Capital Campaign Volunteers

Point Person Tasks:


  • Recruit TNL members for specific task(s)


  • Provide instruction, training, and guidance for all levels of CC service volunteers

  • Oversee the work of service volunteers and provide guidance and support as needed.

  • Hold frequent social meetings and luncheons for all service volunteers to encourage camaraderie


  • Provide monthly campaign progress info to CCC, staff, service volunteers, & TNL community


Service Volunteer Tasks:


  • Create brochures/informational sheets for major donor packets or as handouts to interested potential donors; set-up Pledge & Donation cards w/self-addressed return envelopes and materials to insert into CC info packets for distribution


  • Create a spreadsheet for donor data- donations & personal info(name, address, phone, email); update as needed

  • Help to recognize and thank donors (with spreadsheet data) for their contribution through thank you cards, personal meeting/luncheon, emails, phone calls, etc.

  • Help with outreach to the community to foster TNL’s mission and fundraisng

       Assist in fundraising (pairs only if going to a business or neighborhoods)


  • Organize & manage a secure CC file folder system for CC Documents & Records


  • Assist in general administrative tasks.

  • Contact your personal potential donors – family members, neighbors, so-workers, friends, etc. for donations to the CC


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