Services we offer

What we can give

In home

  • Pull out the weeds

  • Water and trim plants

  • Mow the lawn

  • Make lunch or dinner

  • Clean around the house (dust, mop, dishes)

  • Do the laundry or iron

  • Take out the trash

  • Feed and care for animals

  • Read an interesting book, poem, or article

  • Plant something in the garden

  • Play board or card games

  • Meditation buddy

  • Watch TV or movies with you

Outside the home

  • Do household shopping

  • Run errands

  • Appointment rides and pickups

  • Take the dog for a walk

  • Post mail or make bank deposits

  • Cook something to share

  • Caregiver transport

  • Invite to something fun or nice that you are doing

  • Take out to see a good movie

  • Meet up for coffee

  • Go out to lunch together

  • Accompany on errands or appointments

  • Help coordinate appointments

  • Drop off recycling

Caring & Sharing

  • Send a card of encouragement

  • Send or bring some flowers or a plant

  • Offer Buddhist prayers & practices

  • Share something from your garden

  • Make a donation

  • Quilt or sew something (blanket, scarf)

  • Write thank you cards

  • Send out updates or communications (with advance permission)

  • Set up a care coordination webpage (with advance permission)

  • Coordinate a fundraising page like GoFundMe (with advance permission)

  • Specialized services: Neuromuscular therapy, short-term rehab & palliative care

  • Specialized services: Advocate with medical & health professionals

Thubten Norbu Ling Buddhist Center
1807 Second Street, #35
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 490-6152
Thubten Norbu Ling Tibetan Buddhist Center is an affiliate of the
Foundation for the Preservation
of the Mahayana Tradition.
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