Serving our Community

House and Business Blessings

In Tibetan Culture it is considered very auspicious for families to invite monks or nuns to perform rituals at their house or place of work to help clear obstacles and create harmonious energy in the environment. Our resident geshe, Geshe Thubten Sherab is able to offer these prayers and blessings upon request.


Prayers for the Dead

In the Buddhist Tradition, it is regarded as essential to make prayers and rituals for those who pass away.  There are specific practices we do in order to help the consciousness of the person passing away to have a peaceful and good transition to their next rebirth. This period of transition (called Bardo) from one life to the next takes up to 49 days. Consequently prayers are generally offered for that person during that time.


Upon request, our sangha can offer prayers and specific practices during the first week of the person’s passing as well as on the 49th day. This can be performed with the families present or simply by the ordained person, as preferred.

Filling and  Consecrating Statues

We are also happy to fill and consecrate any statues or stupas that you may have in your home.  Traditionally, they are filled with a variety of mantras and incense and then consecrated with special prayers to enhance to their power as a sacred object.

Please contact us for more information Donations are requested for each of the above services.



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