Volunteer Opportunities

“What else in the world is there to do that is more important than helping others? To help ourselves, to help others, what else is more important? There’s nothing more important than serving a Dharma center."

 Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Kurukulla Center, Oct 2012.




Sunday morning greeter 9:45 am and during break. Welcome members and introduce new guests.

Water Bowls and Daily Altar Care

There are a total of 21 water bowls to fill every day. You should also clean the altar before filling the bowls. Training is available. Contact spc@tnsf.org.


Work with the Spiritual Program Coordinator to create short notices and announcements for local media outlets:

1. Submit community announcements to the Santa Fe Reporter.

2. Place notices on santafe.com 

3. Explore other options for fee advertising.

Program assistance

1. Work with our Spiritual Program Coordinator to publish newsletters and program announcements on TNL's website.

2. Help prepare  and set up for classes and special events.


1. Ask family and friends to donate to our campaign.

2. Help develop fund raising strategies.

3. Help with data base to track donations.

To learn more about how you can help please contact us: info@tnlsf.org

PHOTO: Maureen.Howles

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